In-home Cooking Classes

Culinary Parties

Gather your friends and family for a one-night trip to Italy, without leaving your home. Chef Ezio will cater an in-home culinary experience where you and your guests will participate in creating authentic Italian dishes. Start with a bruchetta or appetizer, move onto a pasta making course, and create a perfect entree, all finished off with a classic Italian dessert.

Work with Chef Ezio to create your perfect menu. He brings the ingredients and tools, you only need to supply the kitchen and the guests. Learn as Chef Ezio demonstrates and teaches you to prepare these special Italian dishes.

Wonderful for couples dinners, businesses entertaining, or a special family event.


One-to-one Italian Cooking Classes

Do you want to learn to cook like a real Italian? Chef Ezio will teach you how in less than a day. Learn to prepare authentic Italian dishes, fresh made pasta, and experience the joy of cooking in your own home.


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